Hello, I'm Rachel Mathews. I've been creating online courses since 2009. But my background couldn't have been further from the online world...


Inspired after reading Tim Ferriss' The 4 Hour Work Week I shut down my garden design and construction company to teach online. I yearned for the freedom to travel and explore. 


I studied how to effectively teach adult learners and then overnight I became an instant success story. Travelling the world* and selling thousands of garden design courses while I slept.


Well, actually no, not exactly... in my mind that was how it was going to happen...

In reality, it took many YEARS of study, expensive online training courses, a million wrong turns and a lot of hard graft, before the 'overnight success' part happened.


To be successful, you have to know:

  • What you are doing
  • Where you are going 
  • How to get there


I found that every $2,000 training course that promised to be the answer, wasn't. They only gave away a small piece of the puzzle. Without an overall strategy to go with it, the information was next to useless.


Luckily, I eventually found a brilliant mentor and coach who explained the big picture and helped me create a success roadmap to follow. It was a total game-changer. 


If only I'd had the RIGHT help at the beginning it would have saved years of struggling on my own... 


Online Evolution


Now I help small business owners avoid the overwhelming, expensive minefield and excruciating learning curve I went through. I show people how to successfully sell and create compelling online courses & group coaching programs.


My biggest life passion, besides travel, is personal development and mind, body, spirit related topics, so I love to work with people in those areas.


Together we will map out your success plan and implement it to get the life-changing knowledge and practices you know out into the world. 

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Fast-track your success


I want to help you evolve your business online - book a FREE 20 min Online Evolution Call with me to discuss what options will work well online for your business.

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*I did at least get the working and travelling part to happen overnight - all my possessions were put into storage and off I went!





The not so interesting part...

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